Monday, July 13, 2009

Progress? No.

Rodney King
OJ Simpson
Jesse Jackson
Mike Tyson
Kobe Bryant
Michael Jackson
Steve McNair

Who are these men? These are a few of the criminals that the Black American community has rallied behind for the last twenty years or so.

Rodney King was a thug on drugs who got a justified beat down from LA cops. In response, the black community rioted, punctuated by an unjustified murderous assault on Reginald Denny, a white man whose sufferings were completely discounted as the thugs who beat him were let off the hook as being not responsible for their actions. I wonder if God thought the same as the jury. I doubt it.

He certainly did not agree with the jury who acquitted OJ Simpson of murdering his estranged wife and her adultery partner. True, by God's Law, they got what they deserved, but this wasn't OJ's first marriage, so he was certainly not really in a position to throw the proverbial stones. And, since Jesus said that divorce was permitted by Moses because of “the hardness of men's hearts,” and OJ was a wife-beater, one could easily argue that his wife should have left him long ago....or that she should never have married him in the first place, since he beat his first wife.

Then we have Jesse Jackson, the pro-life preacher who suddenly became pro-abortion when he ran for the Democratic presidential nomination back in 1984. Reverend Jackson seems to have forgotten that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood (the single largest infant-murder organization in the world), was a racist whose followers and successors deliberately plant their assassination clinics in black neighborhoods. The result? The black population of the United States of America is waning. We are no longer the chief minority in this country. Because the Hispanics seem to have enough brains to realize that progeny is what keeps a culture alive (2.11 children per family or go “bye-bye”).

And this is the man who served as President Clinton's “spiritual advisor” when the president lied about committing adultery with Monica Lewinsky. Of course. Because he himself was an adulterer. His former adultery partner successfully took him to court for $120,000 per month in child support. No resignation from his position as a “reverend” even though the Bible calls for it (1 Timothy 3), because none of his followers actually believe or read the Bible. They wouldn't stand with him for abortion if they did.

Mike Tyson is a failure who could have succeeded if he were a bit more humble. Sure, he was great in the boxing ring, but he, like Samson so many years ago, couldn't keep from the allure of fornication. Then he found out that “strange women” are not good company, so he sought to teach them a lesson. That only landed him in jail. Repeatedly. Now, he is a joke, though a very imposing one.

Kobe Bryant didn't take notes from Tyson's saga (about avoiding loose women), but he did handle his own failures a little better. That is, this adulterer did not seek to take the life of the woman with whom he sinned against his wife. Unfortunately, to avoid criminal charges for raping her, he paid her off (technically, she sued him and settled out of court, but that was after the prosecutors asked the judge to permanently drop the case because she wouldn't testify). People all over the country sympathized with him (and threatened her), as if somehow he was the poor victim of some evil-hearted white girl out for his money. In truth, he was the perpetrator of a sin against God's Law, and against the wife to whom he had pledged the entire rest of his life. He got much less than what he deserved, but at least he repented. Which is a lot more than can be said for the people who backed him while he was traveling to and from Colorado for court hearings in between games.

Ironically, Tracy McGrady was criticized for “attacking” Kobe when he said that the lesson in what happened was that “we need to stick with our wives.” How was that an attack? It was the simple wisdom that would have helped Kobe avoid all this trouble in the first place. Of course, Kobe just got another ring, and T-Mac just missed the playoffs again with an injury, so people are going to say that Kobe is vindicated. Not so. He got mitigated consequences because he repented: this ring he got took years after he should have gotten it.

Michael Jackson may have been the “king of pop” in his heyday, but he was also a child-molester who never got his just due from man's court. When he died prematurely (at age 50), thousands upon thousands of people lined the streets with sympathy for him. Forget about the black children he raped. Their ruined lives are not as important as our entertainment.

Finally, there's Steve McNair, the 36-year-old retired NFL quarterback with numerous accolades, who died at the hand of his adultery partner, who also shot herself. Again, thousands of people lined the streets to mourn this wicked man who betrayed his wife and children and then suffered his due consequences. Someone should have read Proverbs 7 at his funeral, but then they might have been booed off stage for being “disrespectful” to a man who didn't have the toughness to keep his most sacred promise.

These are the people that the black community defends. To the deaths (threatened or actual) of those who call them out. I doubt that my life is in any danger whatsoever, but that's because I'm black. And that's stupid.

Sin is sin. It doesn't matter whether a black man or a white man does it. “Getting a fair shake in court” does not mean being acquitted when you are guilty; it simply means that the guilty are punished and those not guilty go free. Somehow we have turned justice into equal numbers of criminals being allowed back into society. “Well, the white man has it happen all the time!” will not stand up before God on Judgment Day.

Jesus isn't black—He's God and He became a Jew—Allah isn't real, Africa isn't paradise, and Mohammad hated black people—or “raisin heads” as he called them. The Bible decrees salvation for all, Jew and Gentile, Black and White, popular and unpopular, loved and hated—if we repent. Not if we make excuses for our sin, such as “white people do it all the time.” Jesus died for all sinners, but Jesus said, “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3, 5).

So, we can go to the same Hell with the white people who practice evil, or we can dump sin like an cheating spouse and go to Heaven. The choice is yours.


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Wow. This post reminded me of Psalm 49.

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